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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Global Co-Creative. Your contribution is building the foundation of an evolutionary platform for a conscious, interconnected global community bringing spirit and consciousness into every aspect of life for the GOOD of the WHOLE.  As you support and serve the whole, the whole can support and serve you!  Nobody owns GOOD of the WHOLE and EVERYBODY owns GOOD of the WHOLE.  Welcome to the family!

Membership Levels

BASIC GLOBAL CO-CREATIVE - FREE MEMBERSHIP:  Welcome to GOOD of the WHOLE.  Our basic membership is FREE.  Simply sign in on the HOME PAGE with your Facebook, Twitter, or Email accounts.  Fill out your personal profile.  We can’t wait to get to know you!  The benefits of basic membership are engagement and connection.  You may comment, share materials and receive important communications, including our monthly newsletter packed full with tips, tools, resources, coupons, special offers, news, updates and behind the scenes information.  Join us and become part of our conscious, resonant community for GOOD of the WHOLE

SUSTAINING PARTNER LEVEL - Pledge ANY AMOUNT you choose.  No strings attached.  No expectations.  No need for rewards.  You believe in the mission and vision of GOOD of the WHOLE and wish to support its growth and success.  Your monthly support is the foundation that allows GOOD of the WHOLE to develop and expand.  Pick any amount that feels right for you and let us know your intentions.  We appreciate your support!

DIRECTORY LEVEL – Pledge $10.00 per month:  Benefits include one free listing in the Membership Directory with contact information and a link to your website.  At this level, you may make special offers for events, education, and products to the community.  Send in your calendar events and we’ll upload and promote them for you.  Contribute news, information, coupons, special offers, products and services to be shared and exchanged with other Global Co-Creatives and our greater community.  Also, receive our GOOD of the WHOLE stainless-steel water bottle after two months at this level.  This level also includes a GOOD of the WHOLE Global Co-Creative Membership Seal you may use on your website.  

RESONANCE LEVEL – Pledge $25.00 per month:  At this level you are invited to participate in our monthly two-hour Resonance Training.  Learn how to implement and run your own resonance call.  Receive support, guidance, tips, tools and resources on creating and maintaining resonance in circles, families, the workplace, organizations and your communities.  Upgrade your capacity to hold a field of love and resonance in any situation.  All calls and resources will be archived for your convenience. This training is valued over $1800. Plus, you’ll get all the earlier benefits.  

FEATURE LEVEL – Pledge $50.00 per month:  Become a “Featured Global Co-Creative” on our website and all social media.  We will create a feature article about you and/or your organization, including a photo, and share it within our network at least twice during the year (after 3 months).  Plus, we will include up to five links for your organization’s websites and social media pages in our directory.  You may include your logo and a brief 100-word description and we will share it with our community on the membership page.  Plus, receive a GOOD of the WHOLE member’s Tshirt. Plus, you’ll get all the earlier benefits.  *All Featured Co-Creatives must be compatible with GOOD of the WHOLES mission, vision, purpose, and declaration.  GOOD of the WHOLE has the right to decline anyone not in alignment with our core values. 

WHOLE CONVERSATION LEVEL – Pledge $75.00 per month (LIMITED TO 52):  You and/or members of your organization will be featured in “The Whole Conversation” Video Series.  We will interview you via Zoom (on camera), create and produce a twenty-minute professional video for you to share on your website, or however you wish.  We will promote your video widely, add SEO and keep it in our online archives indefinitely (after three months membership).  Plus, you’ll get all the earlier benefits.

CO-CREATIVE LEVEL – Pledge $150.00 per month (LIMITED TO 144):  This Marketing & Business Package includes participation in an intimate, personal co-mentoring, co-creative group of twelve. Actualize your potential with a Co-Creative Circle of 12!  You will meet once a week for resonance and check-ins, as well as once a month (90 minutes) with one of our stewards.  You will also have a large group community call once a month. Plus, participate in a Monthly Marketing Webinar and individual support with a variety of professional experts.  We will bring the best, creative, leading edge support directly to you. Plus, engage in a private Facebook group to self-organize, co-create, and support one another professionally.  You will have access to all of the live and archived sessions after 3 months of patronage.  Plus, you’ll get all the earlier rewards (excluding The Whole Conversation).

EXPO LEVEL – Pledge $250.00 per month:  For those interested in the Co-Creative Level and wanting to cultivate a generative platform, the Expo Level is for you.  Select this level and you will be featured in our Annual “Evolving Earth Expo.”  The Expo is a multi-media virtual production exclusively featuring the Co-Creatives at this level.  The Expo will have its own event page, exclusive podcasts, articles, social media shout outs, and a plethora of activities, tips, tools, resources, special offers, coupons, and magnetic appeal for the general public.  Plus, you’ll get all the earlier rewards (excluding The Whole Conversation).

GENERATIVE LEVEL – Pledge $500.00 per month (LIMITED TO 12):  Welcome to our inner circle!  We acknowledge and appreciate your commitment to support GOOD of the WHOLE for the benefit of humanity.  Work with us personally as we create a powerful “Generative Alliance,” develop models of generosity and mutual support, and play with leading edge practices in subtle fields for personal and planetary change.  

Understanding the generative power of open source initiatives, generosity, and shared practices, Alliance Members gather, share, create, and curate what works for the highest good of a co-creative culture.  We value reciprocal relationships of mutual benefit and support. Join us in synergistic play, accelerate the expansion of an evolutionary platform, and pioneer new forms and templates that support your vision and mission, while sharing resources. As a bonus, members have access to our professional teamPlus, you will be invited to attend a free one-week, intimate and inspiring GOOD of the WHOLE lake retreat (air transportation not included).  Enjoy peaceful, restorative accommodations, beautiful surroundings, healthy, gourmet food, and enjoy deep resonant relationships!  Learn new practices and strategies you can take into your daily personal and professional lives.  Plus, you’ll get all the earlier rewards (except the limited ones).



ONE TIME DONATIONS AND SIMPLE NO-STRINGS ACTIVE MONTHLY DONATION:  You may make a one-time, individual donation on the “Donate” tab.  Also, if you’re interested in making a sustainable monthly gift, without all the extra benefits and rewards, simply enter the monthly amount you would like to pay on the “Become a Member” tab and let us know your intentions.  We thank you for your support!

Our GOOD of the WHOLE #LoveMore SPECIAL  

Make an $888.00 ONE-TIME donation towards the #LoveMore Promotion and receive all the benefits of the $100 level for the next 18 months.  That’s a savings of $912.00!


We see our Global Co-Creatives as individual cells within this living organism called GOOD of the WHOLE.  When the individual serves the greater whole, the whole easily gives back and serves the individual.  This makes a healthy, viable living system.  As interdependent global co-creatives in shared purpose, we weave more light, healing, resonance, and joy into our social fabric.  We practice this generosity model freely, lifting up our fellow brothers and sisters whenever possible.  GOOD of the WHOLE contributes a minimum of 10% back to our membership community through scholarships, grants and awards.



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